The Paleo Diet PlanThe Paleo Diet?Weight Loss?Plan

You can lose weight in many ways. Each day, we hear about some new fad diet being introduced into the market. The weight loss niche has become a huge market in itself that bookstores now devote a section to books on diet and weight loss. You may have heard about Paleo diet and you’re interested in giving this diet a try. There are some holes in the logic, sure, but many people have used it to help them get healthy and lose weight. So is The Paleo Diet Plan is right for you? Read on to find out.

The Paleo Diet Plan Isn?t a Quick Weight Loss Diet

Firstly, don’t expect to lose weight quickly as Paleo Diet is not a quick weight loss diet program. As a matter of fact, no diet can do that, really! Paleo diet is based more on the idea of making your body as healthy as possible while you lose weight. Still, if you want to shed pounds quickly, you will probably be better off with the more extreme diets like Atkins. But please keep in mind that you?re bound to put all the pounds back if you quit the diet program and stop following a healthy lifestyle.

The Paleo Diet Plan Mimicks Early Human?s Diet

The Paleo diet? plan, at its core, is mimicking the diet that early humans supposedly ate. It is supposedly based upon the diet that early humans, during the Paleolithic era, probably consumed. However, whether or not the diet is historically accurate is up for debate.

A gastroenterologist named Walter L. Voegtlin is said to be the inventor of the Paleo diet plan. It was in 1975 when Voegtlin wrote and published a book titled, The Stone Age Diet. Humans are carnivorous is the basic premise of this book. He claimed that a meat diet is what humans ate starting from the Paleolithic era. In the original diet, according to Voegtlin, early man ate mostly protein and fat, and very little carbohydrates. Voegtlin treated patients with a variety of dietary diseases (e.g., Crohn’s disease, IBS) and he based his findings on this. It is important to note that he is not a historian or an archaeologist.

When you follow the Paleo diet plan, you would still need to exercise on a regular basis. You may find exercising to be hard as the diet consists of just a small portion of carbohydrate foods. As you know, carbohydrates is what our body burns when we work out. Fortunately, the Paleo diet is not entirely carbohydrate free. Still, it’s a good idea to adjust your carbohydrates ratio on this diet if you want to be able to exercise and burn enough calories at the same time.

In the Paleo diet plan, the foods consume are hunted and fished for. Thus, this diet is essentially very high in fish and meats, and very low in carbohydrates and plants. There are versions of this diet that doesn’t allow eating any grains, and all Paleo Diet versions do not allow the consumption of processed food. Consuming natural foods is something that can be done with the goal of losing weight.

Should you use the Paleo Diet Plan to help you lose weight?

There are many reasons to give The Paleo Diet Plan a try. For one, you will benefit from the increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids. The truth is that if you stick with The Paleo Diet ?plan and exercise regularly, you’ll lose weight healthy. Nevertheless, when it comes to weight loss, the best person to talk to is your doctor. Ask him or her about the Paleo Diet Plan?s weight loss potential then work together to come up with a healthy diet.

The Paleo Diet Plan

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