Little Known Brown Fat May Be The Key To Fat Loss

brown-fat-cellsUniversity of California at San Francisco researcher Dr. Shingo Kajimura believes the answer to this epidemic could be fighting fat with fat.

There are two types of fat, white which stores energy and brown fat which burns it. Animals like bears and squirrels have higher concentrations of the fat. They use the fat as a way to warm themselves especially in cold environments. It was once thought humans did not have brown fat but that has been proven incorrect.

Dr. Kajimura who spoke Thursday at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine believes that harnessing the power of brown fat could be a solution to the nation’s obesity problem. He’s testing different drugs that can induce the fat burning powers of brown fat. One diabetes drug has been discovered that converts white fat to brown but the drug includes multiple serious side effects according to Kajimua. Other substances have proven to have potential and with further research the hope is to develop a drug that will activate the body’s brown fat potential.

Researchers believe that there are some foods that likely do tap into fat burning brown fat. They include chile peppers and some teas like green tea. Also, prolonged exposure to the cold has been showed to increase brown fat. Activities like swimming in cold water may activate the fat but do come with health risks. The obesity epidemic is seemingly never ending.

One doctor believes he might have the solution, fight fat with fat. There’s two types of fat, white fat that stores energy and calorie burning brown fat. It was once thought humans didn’t have this brown fat which nature designed to keep animals warm. But the question is how do humans utilize this miracle fat, Dr. Kajimura is experimenting with different substances that he says could do just that. So far their have been substances that have proved successful including a popular diabetes drug but the side effects are to dangerous for universal use. But in the coming decade the hope is to develop the right balance to safely melt the fat away and maybe even change the way we look at fat.

Now researchers believe that there are some foods that likely do tap into fat burning brown fat. They include chilli peppers and some teas like green tea. Also prolonged exposure to cold.

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