Thermogenic Foods Burn More Calories

Burn More Calories With These Foods

Any dish can benefit from an ingredient that adds extra flavor and nutrition with only a few extra calories. Luckily, these ingredients aren?t hard to come by. Fruits, vegetables and spices, for example, are low-calorie nutrition power houses easily adaptable to most recipes. An ingredient that helps you burn more calories and fat, on the other hand, may seem difficult to find, but isn?t. These five ingredients can help you maximize fat burning and rev up your metabolism, not to mention add a finishing touch to any dish!

Hot Peppers

You already know that herbs and spices have?multiple health benefits?and are the perfect way to pack in flavor without packing on the salt. Options that add a little ?spice,? primarily red hot peppers or black pepper, have the added benefit of revving up your metabolism. They contribute to thermogenesis, a process that creates heat in the body as food is digested. This in turn increases your metabolism and calories burned. Studies confirm this effect particularly after consuming meals including capsaicin, found in whole and dry habaneros, jalapenos, and cayenne peppers. Sprinkle a dash of dry chili or cayenne pepper into spice rubs, soups, or dishes like this?Easy Thai Red Curry Chicken, or feature them as a primary ingredient in a spicy dish. Try:

Black Pepper

If you?re limiting the salt half of the ?salt and pepper? duo found on most household and restaurant tables, don?t hold back on the other half! Like hot peppers, black pepper (as well as white pepper and?long peppers) have a compound called piperine shown to be thermogenic. This ingredient is listed on many recipes, but you can play up its flavor with a recipe like??Salt and Pepper? Grilled Skirt Steak?.

Green Tea

For all the thermogenesis benefits in a milder flavor, try green tea… to continue reading, visit?