Keep Eating Well After A Successful Weight Loss Diet

Nutrition month: How to keep eating well

Some people I know just finished a group ?Biggest Loser?-type contest to lose weight. One of them was urging the others to keep up the support so they could keep the weight off.

I second that, but for another reason: if you start eating well while on a diet (most ? not all ? diets improve your daily food intake), why stop when it?s over? Lots of people know how to lose weight. Very few of us know how to keep it off. And continuing on a healthy eating plan as part of a permament lifestyle change is a way to do that.

Best way to not pack on the pounds is to really look at what you were eating before and what your daily meals consisted of while on the diet. Did you ditch the late-night pizza? Are you eating more vegetables? Is water, not juice or soda, your drink of choice now? Well, then keep up the good work.

Too many don?t realize that when you change your eating habits for the better, that should be for always. If it?s just done temporarily, then there?s a very good chance the pounds are going to come back.

For others, the diet might have been too low in calories and that will be difficult if impossible to maintain for the rest of your life. For still others, more and more experts believe that carbohydrates ? particularly the refined variety ? and processed food are why we keep gaining weight, even when we think we are only eating the good stuff.

You also have to have a plan for after the weight loss. That?s advice I learned from Chris Powell of ?Extreme Makeover.? Helping others in their struggle to be a healthier person is one way to keep yourself accountable, according to Powell. Often no longer having that goal ? personal weight loss ? leaves people without the motivation and focus they?d had and the weight can start creeping back on, he told me.

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