Stress management tips

Stress isn’t just a psychological or emotional issue. It has real physical causes alongside effects on our body. For most or all of us, the word “busy” is a good outline for our ordinary, regular lives. In the middle of all this, there are continued concerns and fears about datelines, finances, and private issues. Learn about preventing weight gain by managing stress in this article.

Stress Management Tips for Preventing Weight Gain

While you will tell yourself that you are comfortable with such stress, your body is essentially wrestling to deal with it. That is the reason why you are feeling tired each day, have difficulty concentrating and have mood fluctuations. Depression, insomnia and weight gain are some of the nasty effects of stress. Extraordinary prolonged stress may cause long term health issues and destroy nearly every function in our body. Stress isn’t just an emotional reaction, but basically depends on physical replies in the body. This article is written to provide you with a good understanding of stress, its causes and various stress management tips which can be adopted, especially for preventing weight gain.

Understanding Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

When faced with a difficult situation, our adrenal glands release hormones to help us deals with the situation appropriately. When our mind decides on the right reply, the adrenal glands release two hormones: adrenaline, which makes us more cautious and centered, and cortisol, which releases energy in our body. With the release of these hormones our:

  • Heart and respiratory rates increase
  • Body is flooded with energy
  • Muscles tense up
  • Senses sharpened
  • Digestion slows down
When the stressed situation is resolved, our body and our hormone levels revert to normal.
Much of the time, we shoulder more responsibilities than we are able to mentally and physically handle. We would then find ourselves attempting to cope, criticizes ourselves for being “inadequate” which compounds the strain we are under. However, there’s hope to revive your adrenal balance and regain your good health.

Stress Management Tips: Treating Adrenal Fatigue and Stress

If you have moderate adrenal inequality, the best stress management tips are to change your way of life and daily habits to experience dip in your symptoms. The most elemental step is reducing your stress load. The following five stress management tips or stress busting guide would get you moving in the right direction:
  1. Start off by being aware of the stress factors in your life.
  2. Realize of your self imposed stress not only on those imposed by others.
  3. Work on your past spooks i.e. guilt, agony, self-destructive habits and unresolved relationship issues.
  4. Face up to the stressed scenarios in your life and find ways to resolve them when feasible.
  5. If such nerve-wrangling eventualities can’t be evaded, then do what you can to turn them into positive experiences
Adrenal Fatigue Diet
Like it or not, your diet and food habits are vital in maintaining a good adrenal balance. The very first thing you need to consider is how frequently you eat. When you’re hungry, your blood sugar is low and your adrenal glands will work harder than normal to keep producing cortisol to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Ensure you eat three main meals at regular times, and light nibbles in between. Time all of the meals meticulously so that your blood sugar won’t vary frantically. Try and eat your food earlier during the day, and eat an early dinner by 7 pm. If it’s not possible for you to eat dinner early, then try to make certain that your evening meal is the lightest one of the day. This matches your natural circadian (rhythm biological cycles), so you have sustained energy levels during the day and a calm sleep at night.

Select fresh whole foods, rather than highly-processed foods, which have a tendency to have masses of chemicals, colors, dyes and chemicals.

DHEA Supplement

You might have already heard of DHEA supplement products which claim to cure all kinds of issues and conditions. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about DHEA, due to all of the trumped-up claims and controversial products.

Naturally, DHEA is the product of adrenal glands and is essential for the body as it produces the correct amount of hormones you want, when you want them. If your physician has determined you will need DHEA reinforcement, DHEA supplement might immensely help restore your adrenal balance.

Nevertheless DHEA supplement alone isn’t a miraculous solution as it has got to be complemented with good nutritive approaches, life changes and quality rest. Seek your physician guidance and abide by the prescription.

Stress Management Tips for Preventing Weight Gain

In the end, the most effective stress management tips for preventing weight gain and to cope with stress is to find joy in life. In everything you do, always look for joy, pleasure and peace.