The success of Rapid? Fat Loss Plans embraced by celebrities would probably be the best way of explaining its popularity.? Having seen their favorite movie stars? perfect body in top box office movies, many were convinced that rapid fat loss plans work. Nevertheless, experience has shown that rapid fat loss plans would only lead to short term weight loss.

Rapid fat loss plans are categorized as fad diet; commonly referred to as a temporary weight loss program. Fad diet often involves omitting certain foods and sometimes even an entire food groups from the diet. High protein diet; a famous fad significantly reduces carbohydrates, an important component within the food pyramid, disrupting the balance dieters? require.

While there is no miraculous instant fat loss method, you can take steps to speed things along without resorting to rapid fat loss plans highlighted as follows:

Revving up Metabolism with the Right Foods

Do you know how much calories our bodies expend daily? What are the chances of us taking in higher calories than what our bodies require? According to physiologists, women in United States require an average maintenance level of 2000-2100 calories while men require 2700-2900 per day. While in some cases you may eat more but in most cases, you might be eating less than what you need. Inconsistent dieting slows down metabolism by as much as 30%. To treat this, you will need to eat enough calories based on your current lifestyle to fuel your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

In essence, BMR is the total number of calories our body requires for normal bodily functions. It is the total energy requires for basic processes of life which includes heart beating, breathing, digesting, and other metabolic processes in your body.? BMR accounts for two-thirds of total daily energy expenditure. Those who eat anything but never gain an ounce of fat inherited a high BMR. The higher your lean body mass, the higher your BMR will be.

In revving up your BMR, don?t let an initial weight gain be a deterrent; your body needs time to repair itself. Once you have spent a few weeks or months eating an appropriate number of calories, your metabolism rate will increase and the fat will fade away. One can easily lose a pound a week by religiously following healthy diet programs or up to two pounds a week if cardio and strength exercises are added into the equation!

Factoring Exercises in Rapid Fat Loss Plans

Knowing how much people hated exercise; rapid fat loss plans don?t include any form of physical exercise in their programs. Successful weight loss programs are often high on customers list if it does not include any form of exercise. These programs encourage you to lose weight quickly by eating very little or even removing food nutrients class from your diet. While it can lead to a rapid fat loss, the fat will come back when you start to eat normally again. Furthermore, rapid fat loss plans do not provide the same health benefits as balanced diet and exercise do.

Experts agree that the best exercise must includes cardio, strength and flexibility routines. Cardio raises your heart rate for a period of time and decreases your risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Running, cycling, aerobics, dancing, jogging, and walking are cardio exercises. Strength exercise includes weight lifting, press ups and those that build overall muscle strength. Flexibility exercises before and after workout, stretches the muscles preventing muscle pain. In overall it increases your range of motion.

If you have a lot of stress in your life, do consider yoga for stretching and relaxation. Three to five hours of cardio exercise plus one or two hours of strength or flexibility trainings a week would be enough to make significant changes in your body shape and fitness level. These are perks that rapid fat loss plans can’t offer.

Disregard Starvation Diets

Starvation diets are most common in the film industry. We?ve all heard the tales of celebrities whom in pursue of stardom, starved themselves by eating next to nothing except for drinking lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for rapid fat loss. What we seldom hear is the same celebrities regained all the lost weight as soon as they ended their movie roles. Often, they actually gain more compared to when they first started the movie making.

Don?t put your body through the stress of rapid fat loss plans. You will most surely end-up in a state of tiredness, constant hunger, grouchy, dehydrated, and in fact heavier than before. What is more alarming is that you could seriously damage your metabolism, making it impossible to lose fat even when you eat very few calories.

Rapid Fat Loss Plans: A Wrap

A healthy diet should be based on a combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber, lean proteins, and includes five portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Starving or malnutrition will actually result in the lowering of BMR. Devoting a lifestyle that includes exercise and eating a proper healthy diet with moderate portions is still the best method to lose fat and to keep it off for good. Most people who make the change from a typical high-fat diet and sedentary lifestyle to one that follows a diet based on the recommended food pyramid will slowly and safely lose fat.

Useful Tips for Healthy Weight

To maintain a healthy weight, your body needs to be healthy. Feed it right, move it often, and give it the hydration it needs to perform at its peak.