Healthy Men's DietMen’s Health: Top Seven Foods for Healthy Men’s Diet

With today?s fast pace hustles and bustles, modern men must eat right to enjoy and appreciate life more. In achieving this, our team of researcher is bringing to all men the top seven foods that form healthy men?s diet to stay well and in good physical shape for a fuller life.

Healthy Men’s Diet: Top Seven Foods


Salmon is rich with Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acid and is excellent for healthy men?s diet. These elements protectmen?s health by lowering the risks of prostate cancer and improving immune system. It also helps to control cholesterol levels in blood which include normalizing blood circulation and cardiovascular system general functions. Vitamin D can protect from type 2 diabetes while Omega 3 fatty acids lowers blood fat and provide relief to arthritis pains.


Men's Diet

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Oysters have long been considered as a powerful aphrodisiac. Oysters, mussels and lobsters soft tissues have high content of proteins and micro-elements necessary for men?s health. In addition, oysters have large amounts of zinc, an important micro-element and antioxidant, which could prevent prostate cancer.


This miraculous green vegetable can help controls the level of homocycteine and lower the risks of having a heart disease, stroke and other heart-related problems harmful to men?s health. Broccoli anti-cancer property is effective in preventing prostate and colon cancer. If you are not in favor of broccoli, substitute it with another green vegetables the like of Brussels sprout, cabbage or cauliflower.


Walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and other nuts contain selenium and magnesium, known as an effective antioxidants able to improve prostate health. It is also beneficial in preventing heart disease and various forms of cancer; another healthy men?s diet element. Additionally, Selenium can be a great assistance for lowering bad cholesterol level. Nuts are also known to have excellent properties to support men?s potency. An ideal daily dosage of nuts is around 25gm as they are high on fat i.e. Brazil nuts contain up to 70% of fat.

Top Seven Foods

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Another great healthy men?s diet food is pomegranate which can protect prostate health and decrease chances of prostate cancer. It also has good diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and palliative properties. It is a useful food for preventing cardiovascular problem. It was found recently that pomegranate juice has the same effects as Viagra!

Lean Beef

Modern men leading hard daily physical activities have to eat meat?in order to be healthy and strong. Lean red meat contains great amounts of protein and creatine necessary for building muscle mass. It is also a powerful source of iron which delivers oxygen to cells. Lean beef also contains zinc and testosterone-boosting amino acids, which are of a great importance for men?s health.


Bananas are one of the best natural sources of potassium necessary to regulate nervous system and stimulate formation of red blood cells. It also contains magnesium able to aid in stimulating protein metabolism and strengthening immune system. It is also a perfect source of energy vital for active and dynamic life-style men usually subscribe to.


Top Seven Foods for Healthy Men?s Diet

Men's Health: Top Seven Foods

The above discussed top seven must have foods form the healthy men’s diet?for men to stay well and remain in good physical shape for healthier, richer and fuller life!