How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Forever

If committing to an exercise regiment at this time is not doable, don’t expect to lose belly fat at this time, either. There are several types of fat that come into play in the middle region of the body: visceral fat, which is stored deep inside the body cavity and subcutaneous fat, the stuff that jiggles.

The job of visceral fat is to surround and protect the internal organs from damage. Subcutaneous fat is the fat stored just beneath the skin. While both types of fat can get out of hand when exercise and diet are not balanced, it is the subcutaneous fat that creates the apple-shaped body and is also the hardest to remove.

However, it is visceral fat that is the worse culprit. As visceral fat accumulates, it quickly can go from being the cushion the vital organs need to a mass so large it suffocates organs and keeps them from doing their job efficiently, or at all. The good news is that visceral fat tends to be the first type of fat to go once the body begins burning fat.

Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Increasing muscle mass is an excellent way of getting rid of belly fat. The more muscle in the body, the more calories that will be burned. And the more calories that are burned, the less calories that are converted into fat. Muscle can be built by working out on a treadmill. Spot exercises will also help. Other activities such as aerobics, walking, jogging or lifting weights are good exercises to incorporate into a weekly regiment as well, but watching food intake must also be considered. So while it is hard to target specific problem areas, in order to lose belly fat or obtain overall weight loss it’s important to exercise regularly.

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