‘Detox Prescription’ Uses Juicing And Plant-based Diet For Permanent Weight Loss

By using a plan that “allows the body to burn fat and maintain muscle,” you can slim down while “attaining a beneficial fat-to-muscle ratio (BMI), which is important for health.”?The “Detox Prescription” provides foods as well as exercises designed to “make this happen easily and safely,” says Dr. Merrell.

How long does it take to change your taste, health and waistline??”By the end of the 21 days (detailed in the book), the consumer will want to continue on the eating plan—not only because it is clean, delicious, satisfying and nutritious, but because it leads to maximum health and optimal weight,” he said.

One key aspect of the detox diet: A three-day juice cleanse. Dr. Merrell designed it to provide a bridge to the essence of his plan: “Switching out inflammatory animal meats and refined carbohydrates and empty calories for a plant-based rainbow-colored whole foods diet floods the body with maximum nutrients.”

By following his three-day juice cleanse, your body gets a rest while benefiting from “rapid assimilation of nutrients.” Your digestive system gets time to repair, heal and take a break from the onslaught of the inflammatory foods and toxins that typify the Standard American Diet (SAD).

The juicing aspect of the program “eliminates the constant flood of toxins present in most conventional non-organic foods: toxins alone have been shown to promote weight gain,” Dr. Merrell reveals.?While the calories during those three days are reduced, you’ll benefit from “the flood of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that allows maximally efficient digestion and weight control,” he said.

And you’ll do more than lose weight, says Dr. Merrell. You’ll find that problems that can result from an unhealthy diet, such as headaches, indigestion and fatigue, often vanish as your body heals from his detoxifying program.

Once that initial jump-start cleanse has been completed, you’ll continue with a plant-based diet to build on the improvements and boost your weight loss. As for supplements??”Let food be your medicine,” says Dr. Merrell.

As an example, consider the benefits of juicing, which “provides all the nutrients that nature puts in foods—including enzymes and some of the vitamins that are destroyed in processing and cooking.”?No supplement can replace the benefits of whole, natural foods, adds the doctor.

“If one eats a rainbow plant-based diet with unprocessed fresh foods (frozen fresh produce can be OK sometimes) nature will do the work: this is the core of The Detox Prescription. There is no way one can put the hundreds of health-giving phytonutrients present in each food into a pill,” he said.

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