Month: August 2011

HCG Hormone Diet: The Myth and Truth

HCG Hormone Diet: The Myth and Truth There are various forms of weight loss diet program strategies, supplements, shakes as well as ointments in the marketplace which promises to rid excess weight, but in actual fact they merely burn your hard earned money. One particular wonder remedy is the HCG Hormone Diet. A HCG diet which has been available for generations continue to appears in the news. This diet program has been revealed ineffective for weight loss. HCG Hormone Diet, a Brief Overview HCG, is an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone released by the body when pregnant that helps feed the developing fetus by changing fat into food helping in the creating of progesterone, which braces the uterus. While HCG is most generally found in big amounts in expectant mothers, it is present in little amounts in both women and men. It’s been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration for the fertility issues in both sexes. British medical professional A.T.W. Simeons formulated the process as a result of noticing expectant mothers in India who in spite of smaller food consumption delivered healthy newborns. Dr Simeons separated the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone being the essential component in the thriving usage of accumulated excess fat while dieting. The HCG Diet mixes a Very Low Calorie Count Diet (VLCD) with a regular intake of the hormone HCG,...

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Weight Loss Drugs: Medical Weight Control

Weight Loss Drugs: Medical Weight Control When an individual is overweight and weight loss programs have failed, doctor prescription for weight loss drugs or weight loss pills are sought in hopes to lose weight. Obesity is known to pose serious implications and doctors are treating obesity as they would with other major illness with treatment plan that is intended to improve the condition of the individual. It is important to note that weight loss drugs do have side-effects. Most of which are mild but there were also a number of complications reported. Doctors should counsel their patients that weight loss pills aren’t a treatment for weight problem but just an ?instrument? that should be mixed with regular exercise and healthy diet for anyone to be successful at losing weight. Weight loss medications shouldn’t be viewed as a long term solution either and doctors should monitor the individual progress including the side-effects he or she may experience. Candidate for Weight loss Drugs Individuals with Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above who have no obesity related health conditions are the users for weight loss pills if other methods were unsuccessful. Others with obesity related problems with BMI of 27 and above with doctor?s recommendation and supervision are also the potential candidates to receive this medical weight control treatment. Type of Weight Loss Drugs The FDA approves these weight loss...

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